SR-22 Information



An SR-22, or Financial Responsibility form, is a requirement set forth by the Nevada Legislature and enforced by the DMV for various reasons in order to reinstate and maintain your driver license. Some reasons you may be required to provide a Nevada SR-22 are for multiple lapses in your auto insurance, no insurance tickets, or a DUI. The Nevada SR-22 form is provided by an auto insurance company and may be obtained by purchasing insurance on an auto you own or through a special policy called a non-owner policy. It verifies electronically to a special department at the DMV that your insurance is being maintained and is required for 3 consecutive years. Any lapse in that policy can result in a re-suspension of your license and force you to start the 3 year requirement over. DMV mails a certified notice to you before possible suspension, so be sure to keep your contact information up to date to avoid delays of this notice. Also notify your agent of your current address, telephone number, and email address, as these tend to change over the 3 year period.

Here at Action Auto we offer many polices to satisfy the Nevada SR-22 requirement, as well as many other states. We sell auto insurance policies with an SR-22 attached (at no additional cost in some cases) or a non-owners policy for clients who do not own a vehicle but still want to maintain their drivers license. A non-owners policy is a very inexpensive way for a client who chooses to carry the SR-22 separate from their current auto insurance company and complies with the Nevada SR-22 requirement.

Action Auto Insurance is a local company providing auto insurance for over 30 years and we work with multiple companies to provide you with the best auto insurance rates with or without the SR-22. We use only licensed agents who work with the DMV on a daily basis and look forward to the opportunity to assist you.
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