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SR-22 Insurance

Auto-HynesSizedNevada DMV requires an SR22 as one of its conditions that must be met to reinstate a driver’s license for someone who had a DUI, no insurance lapses, or other DMV violations. The certificate is issued from an insurance company as verification of insurance coverage, regardless if you own a vehicle or not. SR22 insurance must be maintained for 3 consecutive years without a lapse.

Non-Owner Policies

Things happen, therefore we don’t judge. We’ve done thousands of Nevada SR22 forms as well as issuing for other states. By issuing non-owners and owners SR22 policies, we can get you on the road today! Get the interlock info you need from us to get your driver license ASAP.

As an option, a non-owner policy can be significantly less expensive. Someone who only requires the Nevada SR22 can purchase this type of policy to obtain their driver license and may be able to drive someone else’s vehicles if their insurance permits it. This type of policy is specifically for someone who requires an SR22 policy but does not wish to insure a vehicle.

We can instantly issue Nevada SR22 certificates and would be happy to go over more details of how it is filed in Nevada. These forms can be instantly issued in office or by email. Contact us today at 775-525-4406!